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Welcome to Mayu's Shinrin-yoku Walk

Relax, Reset, and Revitalise in an immersive forest experience,

where Mayu’s guidance through the multisensory practice of

Japanese Shinrin-yoku with different mindfulness activities such as

Tai Chi/Qi Gong, Nature photography, Nature craft to ease your stress

and help improve physical & mind wellness.

What is Shinrin-yoku ?

Shinrin-yoku translates to ‘forest bathing’, and is the practice of wandering through the forest and taking in the forest atmosphere.

The most important aspect of Shinrin-yoku is actively engaging each of your five senses, and consciously connecting with what’s happening in the forest around you.

Though the practice has existed for centuries, the term “Shinrin-yoku” was coined in 1982 by Mr Akiyama, Director of the Japanese Forestry Agency.


When practicing Shinrin-yoku, we feel more deeply connected to nature and our own bodies through conscious awareness of our senses responding to the environment.

The benefits of Shinrin-yoku : Why does forest bathing feel so relaxing?

Shinrin’yoku is well known to improve both psychological and physiological well-being, and has become popular around the world for its therapeutic benefits.

It is well known that the human species originated in nature, and evolved to thrive in the natural world. Since we live constantly outside of the natural environment, it makes sense that spending time in a natural space leaves us with a sense of peace and relaxation.

Additionally, plants and trees produce phytoncides, which are aromatic compounds that contribute to the subtle yet distinctive scent of the forest. Though simply enjoying the aroma of the natural environment is relaxing and invigorating on its own, some research has shown that phytoncides enhance the activity of certain human immune cells, which may benefit immune function.

The Shinrin-yoku Experience

Mayu Kataoka is an experienced Forest Therapy Guide qualified by the Japanese Forest Therapy Society to guide you through the most authentic Forest Bathing experience.


With her guidance through eight key aspects of Shinrin-yoku, you will be encouraged to use all of your senses to connect more deeply with the forest.


Each of these eight aspects of Shinrin-yoku allow you to perceive the surrounding nature in a uniquely invigorating way, and collectively they focus on forming a deep awareness of the forest as a physical and spiritual space.

Basic Program 

Orange and Pink Hand Drawn Black History Month Social and Emotional Learning Worksheet (2)

The Eight Aspects of Shinrin-yoku 



Unwinding Prepare yourself for the experience by slowing down and calming your thoughts



Deep Breathing Practice Qi-breathing to promote peacefulness and inner harmony



Listening Tune into vibrational sound to calm your mind, whilst rejuvenating your energy



Releasing Focus on releasing negative emotions so you can move forward



Playing with Trees Experience playfulness with trees



Playing with nature Delve into creative play with the world around you



Relaxing Rest and connect with your environment



Tea Gathering Savour and appreciate tea as you reflect on your experience


“An enjoyable and new experience ! "

Initial 10 mins found already relaxing and mindful.

Tai Chi breathing exercise was great.

- Brendan -

“Much more relaxed "

Mayu was a wonderful guide. She has a very peaceful and lovely presence herself, and as she made suggestions to observe details, to take look up, and to breathe, she really helped me absorb the beauty and peace all around us. It really was a very mesmerising, stimulating and beautiful morning that will stay with me for days to come :)

- Merridy -

“Overall excellent experience ! "

Tai Chi breathing session allowed me to have a silent meditation. 
I had a good relaxation time and my headaches are gone after the walk.

- Trevor -

“Feel 'alive' "

I felt unsettled before the walk but I felt so alive with

strong heart beat after the walk.

- Junko -

“Very insightful "

 Thank you Mayu, it was great that you have helped us "opening" our senses in all directions. The guidance and information was very good and insightful as well as the freedom to explore and "sense" the right balance.

- Tom -