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Welcome to Forest Minds

Forest Minds is about connecting people, their awareness and consciousness with the forest.


This is achieved by using different modalities such as

Forest Therapy Walk (Shinrin-yoku), meditation, Nature art/craft,

Tai Chi/Qi Gong and photography.

Regaining our innate connection between the mind and forest brings us back to ourselves.

Over Years of evolution this knowledge is deeply understood by our consciousness

however it has been hijacked and overshadowed by societal changes and technology.


My aim is to provide you with the experience, the tools and knowledge

so you can reconnect with this amazing source of life and energy.

Virtual Shinrin-yoku - Guided Meditation on SBS

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Great Minds 

Mindfulness, meditation, living in the present... these are all buzz terms you’ve probably heard. Maybe even tried. But if you haven’t yet found your fit, join host Leah Vandenberg to try various meditation styles from across the world. Learn about Filipino Hilot, Japanese forest bathing, Hawaiian ho'oponopono and more. Whether you’ve been meditating for years, or this is your first time, these short meditations led by experienced teachers will fit neatly into your day... Read more

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Forest Minds is accredit and licensed tour operator in NSW Parks Eco Pass.