Mayu’s first activity prepares your mind and body for Shinrin-yoku.

Translated from Japanese, Kutsurogi means to unwind and relax.

Kutsurogi is focused on feeling comfortable in your surroundings, so you can slow down,

put your mind at ease and slowly attune to taking in the forest.

As you practice Kutsurogi, you might observe the forest while slowly walking along the forest floor.  

You might walk around a large tree trunk, taking in its size and splendour,

or you might deeply inhale the fresh forest air.

You might look up, taking in the gentle movements of the green canopy,

or watch the dappled light fall through to the forest floor.  Even in this first practice,

you are likely to find your heart rate slowing and your mood improving.

Taking a step back and enjoying the forest space will help you relax and unwind,

leaving your mind open for the best Shinrin-yoku experience.