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Trees Can Heal You | Secret Science with Myf Warhurst

- Forest bathing: the therapy you didn't know you needed.-

Date published : May 2024

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SERIES 1 | Episode 2 Anger

Of our six core emotions, anger gets the worst rap. It has the potential to destroy, but as Myf Warhurst discovers, there's a thin line separating its destructive power from the constructive anger that motivates change.

Watch the Episode from HERE.

My Garden Path | ABC Gardening Australia

Date published : November 2023

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SERIES 34 | Episode 33

We can all feel a sense of calm and rejuvenation when we enjoy a moment with nature.

Mayu Kataoka is a Forest Therapy Guide.

“Nature makes people feel very relaxed - nature is a therapist,” she says.

This is based on the practice of forest bathing, or ‘slow walk in nature’ in Japan. 

Mayu guides people in local forests and gets them to notice the colours, smells, sounds and textures of the place, to be in the moment and focus on each sense and be fully engaged.

..Read more.

Pure Health Hub

Date published : September 2023

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Forest Bathing at Crane Lodge

The Crane Lodge in Sydney has introduced a guided forest bathing experience for its guests. Ensconced amid the ancient forests near Palm Beach, this initiative aims to reconnect individuals with the healing essence of nature.

Originating from the Japanese term ‘shinrin-yoku’, forest bathing emphasises absorbing the forest atmosphere. Research has underscored the therapeutic advantages of this practice, highlighting benefits for mental and physical health...Read more.

Studio 10 by Channel 10 Australia 

Date published : 3 June 2023

Traveller on SMH 

Date published : 3 June 2023

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Luckily there isn’t anyone to see me, except for giant cockatoos screeching overhead.

With magnifying glass in hand, I hold my head inches from a boulder, scrutinising the patterns of moss that grows over it. I observe different patterns in the structure of the leaves, or phyllids, and the changing colours, which range from intense green to palest grey.

Although to the casual viewer I might look like an eccentric botanist, I am in fact enjoying a spot of forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku, the Japanese art of submerging oneself in nature for relaxation and health benefits. Shinrin means “forest” and yoku means “bath”.

...Read more.

Escape Magazine 

Date published : 2 June 2023

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Standing in front of a fig tree, wrapped around an ancient rock high on a hill, I feel a sense of total bliss. A forest therapy guide certified with the Japan Forest Therapy Society, Mayumi Kataoka, is leading us through forest-bathing exercises, including a breathing exchange with a Port Jackson fig, and by the time we’re enjoying a Japanese tea ceremony at the bottom of the 1800 sqm garden, I feel completely connected to the forest we’re set to call home for the next two nights....Read more.

Gourmet Traveller Magazine 

Date published : 7 April 2023


SBS Australia
- Embrace the restorative powers of  ‘forest bathing’ - 

Date published : 3 February 2022


The Japanese tradition of shinrin-yoku, or 'forest bathing', can be traced back several centuries and refers to slowing down and spending mindful time in nature. Gentle and meditative, the practice is seen as an antidote to the stresses of modern living...Read more.

Who Magazine Australia

Date published : 17 July 2021

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