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Mayu Kataoka

Certified Forest Therapy Guide
Nature Photographer
Tai Chi/Qi Gong sub-instructor
Mental Health First Aider
NSW National Parks licensed eco pass operator

Mayumi Kataoka is a Sydney based Certified Forest Therapy Guide with Japan Forest Therapy Society and INFTA (International Nature and Forest Therapy Alliance) and nature photographer.

Over the past 10 years the path of Mayumi's  "trees & nature" photography has led her to a new career as a "Forest Therapy Guide" where she offers therapeutic & mindfulness nature walks known as Forest Bathing or Shinrin-yoku to a range of  people and community.


 "I really believe that nature already knew the reason as to why I have been so involved with tree photography.

During this period, nature has been talking to me through a multitude of experiences, sights, sounds, touch and the scent of the forest.  She has taught me so much and I believe she chose me for this new career,  for which I am so grateful.

 I am excited to be able to share the wonderful journey of Shinrin-yoku with you "

About the Logo


The four Eucalyptus leaves in Logo represents the Kanji character for "Kokoro  心 " in Japanese.

"Kokoro" means "Mind/Heart" and this is the concept of my work. 

The green background represents "Forest/Nature" where your mind & heart belongs.

With those two elements together, Forest Minds aims at connecting people, their awareness and consciousness with forest and nature. 

This unique logo is designed by my dear friend Yori who is a graphic designer as well as a wonderful

nature photographer.

The logo for Organic Photography is extended creation from Forest Minds therefore both business uses the same Eucalyptus leaves on its logo.

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