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Forest Bathing Walk

Relax, Reset, and Revitalise in an immersive forest experience, where Mayu’s guidance

through the multisensory practice of Japanese Shinrin-yoku with different mindfulness

activities to ease your stress and help improve physical & mental wellness.

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Forest Bathing Walk

Lane Cove National Park

Combine of a gentle, peaceful riverside fauna walk and a beautiful bushland walk with mostly flat trail including a few easy steps up. 


per person

Wabi Sabi & Shinrin-yoku

View of Meditation Garden

"Wabi Sabi" is a Japanese expression to referring to an Aesthetic concept of perceiving beauty in imperfection.

"Wabi" means "The beauty of the simple and rustic things", and "Sabi" means "the deterioration by passing time".

The concept of "Wabi Sabi" was developed by "Sen no Rikyu (千利休)", a founder of the Japanese Tea Ceremony.  His practice was to focus on rustic simplicity rather than showing off expensive tea bowls.

In nature, "Wabi Sabi" is everywhere and you can only admire these unspoken beauties when slowing down by Shinrin-yoku.

I loved the graceful flow of the experience and tuning into nature with all senses. The connection between our human nature and green nature was also helpful and humbling!

Annette - Sydney

As the walk progressed I found myself slowing right down and totally immersed in each activity. I felt calmer, lighter and more centred.

Penny - Sydney

Mayu gently guiding each of us into the experience of forest bathing... and a sense of privilege that she was sharing a passion. Further, being Japanese she was able to provide rich understanding of the cultural context for history of forest bathing and its benefits for us now.

David - Sydney

Thanks so much Mayu for the great experience and for teaching me forest bathing 's benefits.

Romina - Sydney

Nature Therapy Walks at Botanic Gardens

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Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

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