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Forest Collage Photography

Forest collage photography is peaceful, tranquil and they have a calming effect.  It is proven that watching nature photos will provide you a relaxation and calm your mind, just like you are experiencing Shinrin-yoku.

The mind, at a sub conscious level does not discern between the reality and the photo image.

Being also as a Nature Photographer, I am passionate about capturing the hidden beauty in nature.   

Moreover,  I understand the importance of being in nature, to connect with the subjects (Trees, flowers)

as a part of my being. 

In a strange way there is a dualism , being the "self" and the object , such as the trees or forest.

However, with experience  this dualistic nature tends to merge into "oneness", and that's when the magic happens. This is the connection I refer to.


Observing images send us back into our connection with the forest, which is a known and proven 

Shinrin -yoku science.

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