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Shinrin-yoku T-shirts

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Indulge in the luxurious feel of our incredibly comfortable, soft, and smooth cotton T-shirts. Designed for all-day comfort, perfect for your daily strolls and rejuvenating forest bathing experiences!

But that's not all – for every T-shirt you purchase, a new tree will be planted! Your choice in fashion becomes a positive environmental contribution. We're committed to planting trees across 18 locations spanning 11 countries. Additionally, local communities and farmers participate in this initiative, ensuring your tree not only revitalizes the landscape but also promotes sustainable farming practices, benefiting local wildlife. Choose comfort with a cause!

★ 100% Cotton

★ T-shirts base : Made in Bangladesh

★ Printed in Australia

★ Size :

XS (Width 43cm, Height 69.5cm)

S (Width 45.5cm, Height 71cm)

M (Width 48cm, Height 73.5cm)

L (Width 50.5cm, Height 75.5cm)

XL (Width 53cm, Height 77.5cm)

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