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Awakening Your Senses : Exploring the Five Senses in Shinrin-yoku

Forest bathing is a sensory walk that gently activates our senses. Each activity that I will invite participants during the walk is carefully curated to focus on each of our senses, and while we practice one by one, our mind is engaging with our body in the present moment, which is the concept of mindfulness.

Mindfulness allows us to take a break from worries and obsessive thoughts. Instead, it will enable us to restore energy and bring our body fully to that moment.

So I start the Forest Bathing Walk with the activity called "Tunning the Senses" that involves a gentle stretching & body movements to relax the tension, then I will gently guide and invite participants to open up basic five senses : Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste and Touch (Feel).

It is easier to focus on your senses with your eyes closed, because our senses will become more tuned so you hear more, you smell more and you feel more.

Let's take a moment to have a look at this picture, and imagine you are walking there.

(Ancient Japanese cypress trees in Nagano - Japan )

Can you imagine that you are inhaling calming woody aroma scent of these ancient cypress trees while listening to pretty birds calling each other above your head...?

Can you imagine you are walking slowly between the woods, feeling the warmth of the gentle sunlight glistening through the tree canopy...?

Can you imagine touching these trees and feeling the texture of the bark, or warmth of the tree, as if you were hearing the wisdom of trees in serene silence...?

When you close eyes, what do you hear ? What do you see ?

You can open up your senses virtually like this, but when you really experience it in a natural environment, these practices are very powerful because it is about "focusing" on what you are doing right now, this moment.

Exploring your five senses makes you deepen the connection between you with nature but most importantly, yourself!

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