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Trees - Our Life Partners.

I am so fascinated by the colours of the trees in Australia.   They are my inspiration for my photographic work.

It is the subtle combination of the raw colours under the Australian sky that adds  a special ethereal quality like no other.

I feel a connection with the Australian trees like no other trees in the world.

Their colours are rich and beautiful and they seem to capture the Australian essence of life.

I feel pure joy when I see those beautiful trees and their magical colours.


I  hope my work will inspire you too and you see the raw natural beauty of these wonderful plants.

Art of Bark - Magical Abstract Art.

Some of trees are born to be an abstract artists.  The colour of  their bark is always changing.  The colours changes are absolutely amazing - even dramatic.  It really depends on the weather, time of day and season, different light conditions, cloudy or sunny, rain, fog and even wind. 

I have tried to capture a glimpse of the colours so next time you see a tree look closely and really see.

Eucalyptus Flowers - Essense of Australian Nature.

Most of Eucalyptus flowers are so delicate, and some of flowers have an aromatic sweet honey scent. I am not a bee, but it is very beautiful scent that always makes my nose wanting to dip it into these flowers !

They are absolutely joy of my life.

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