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The Art of Forest Bathing : Unveiling the Essence of Shinrin-yoku

Before I start, let me quickly share with the importance of having a "hot bath" at the end of the day in Japan.

Being Japanese, I love "Ofuro (お風呂)". "Ofuro" means "hot bath".

Having a "Ofuro" at the end of the day is fundamental in our culture and it is the most common way of releasing fatigue and stress from the day.

This is simply done by soaking in a warm hot water in bathtub.

If you had a bad day or busy day....having "Ofuro" at the end of the day will ease your stress and improve your mood - it stimulates a powerful relaxation response and helps you forget about the stressful things.

The traditional design of Japanese bathroom is considerably different from other countries. There is a changing area before you go into the bathroom.

In the bathroom, there is a bathtub (a deep bathtub so that you can soak up to the shoulder) and separate washing area.

And we say "Nyu-yoku (入浴)" (not New York !) for the actual bathing activity (Go into the hot water).

So here's the steps to follow for having a hot bath in Japanese way :

1) Take off clothing at changing area.

2) Pre-wash your body quickly at washing area.

3) Go into a bathtub ("Nyu-yoku (入浴)") and soak up to the shoulder, feel the warmth of the water and melt in the moment !

(The best thing to do ! - "Onsen (Hot spa bath)" in mountain, Japan )

In Forest Bathing, there are similar steps to follow. As a Forest Therapy Guide,

I will invite participants to a different mindful activities during the walk.

These step-by-step activities helps people to build a strong connection with nature.

Forest Bathing is all about "Immersion and experience" with your surroundings, as if you were in a hot bath. When you are in hot bath, you wouldn't move around, would you?

You want to "be" in that moment and just feel, that is the real experience of Forest Bathing!

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I now have a better understanding of why it is called “forest bathing.” Thank you, Mayu! P.S. I love hot baths!

Mayu Kataoka
Mayu Kataoka
09 jun. 2023
Reageren op

I am so glad to hear that Lori :) Thank you for reading it !

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